Be Your Own Boss

Owning a Crossroads Wellness Beverage distributorship can be a personal and financially rewarding experience. Like Crossroads' founder, William Houck, who captured and thrived on an entrepreneurial spirit, we invite you to explore the avenues for success that may be available to you as a Crossroads independent distributor. Crossroads will soon be one of the most respected brands in the recovery market. The secret to our success will be our independent distributors.

As an independent distributor, you will benefit from the backing and outstanding reputation of the Crossroads organization. You will also enjoy the independence and satisfaction that only comes from being a self-employed entrepreneur. You have a defined geographic distribution territory in which to sell and deliver products to retail stores. You have an obligation to realize the full sales potential of such products within the territory, which is yours to develop as an independent business.
Every independent distributor (known as a Crossroads to Freedom associate, or CFA) brings their own experiences, talents, creativity and drive to their business. That’s what makes owning your own Crossroads distributorship a dynamic and rewarding business experience.

How We Support the Independent Distributor

  • Distributor Website
  • Free Truck Decals
  • Optional Apparel Offerings
  • Optional Business Resource Referrals
  • National/Regional Chain Promotions
  • Toll Free Distributor Service Center
  • Plant to Depot Shipments
  • Product Marketing & In-Store Promotions
  • National Advertising Campaigns
  • Optional State of the Art Point of Sale Racks & Displays

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The National Institute of Health estimates that 1 in every 10 people over the age of 12 is addicted to drugs.

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Current List of Available Distributorships:
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