Jerry M. - "he saved my life"

Samantha T. - "helped me change my life so I could be a better mom to my kids"

David R., Columbus, Ohio, I suffer from migraine headaches and I thought I'd give Crossroads a try.  My headaches normally last for 4 or 5 days. Crossroads relieved my headache in one day.  I now use Crossroads at the onset of a migraine.

Kathy T., Milford, Connecticut, I have trouble sleeping at night & when I have a particularly restless night the next morning I bring a can of Crossroads to work with me put it in the freezer & about 45 minutes later I start sipping on it & it gets me through the day. I absolutely love this product.

Teresa A., Stauton, Virgina, My brother is 73 years old.  He had polio at age 6.  The polio affected his left leg.  He’s been in a nursing home for the past 8 years.  They had him on Methadone and Norco for pain.  With the blessing from his Dr. I weaned him off both drugs.  He tried Crossroads just out of curiosity.  Within minutes, like 10 minutes the pain in his legs had subsided.  I kept asking him how was his legs.  He kept saying that he didn’t have any pain.  I was astounded honestly because I knew the pain that he has endured.  It would be hard to believe if I hadn’t witnessed this for myself.

Chiwi D., Hanover, Pennsylvania, Crossroads has helped relieve all my pain that I experience with diverticulitis. 

Russ R., Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Crossroads took the edge off of all my withdrawal symptoms.  It saved my life.

Brett R., Boise, Idaho, I like the way Crossroads revitalizes me after a hard workout. I drink it daily. 

Courtney S., Hagerstown, Maryland, I'm a recovering opiate addict and alcoholic and I drink 2 Crossroads a day to help with my anxiety, stabilize my mood and cut the cravings everyday to stay sober. I don't need pharmacotherapy or alot of the physc meds because I drink Crossroads.