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7-year-old PA girl finds parents dead in home from drug overdose

Mom dies, dad critical after overdose in Hazleton home with 4 kids

Virginia has an opioid addiction crisis, governor says

West Virginia city has 27 heroin overdoses in 4 hours

Ohio at epicenter of heroin epidemic killing thousands


After several years of testing with many different combinations of ingredients that help the symptoms of addiction withdrawal, we are excited to introduce Crossroads Wellness Beverage.  Recovery from the stranglehold of opioids can be a costly and at times an unbearable process. Recovering addicts that have tried our product have rave reviews about their experience while taking Crossroads.


People who live with someone who is addicted to drugs can feel hopeless and helpless, as though nothing they can say or do will make the situation change and force the person to get the help needed to leave the addiction behind.

People who struggle with addiction are often in denial about their situation and unwilling to seek treatment. They may not recognize the negative effects their behavior has on themselves and others.

Visible signs that someone may be addicted include:
Devious behavior
Stealing or borrowing money
Aggressive behavior
Degradation of physical appearance
Fatigue or lack of motivation
Problems at work or school
Increasing health issues

Many people with an addiction also struggle with other problems, like depression and eating disorders.




We have put together what we call the Crossroads to Freedom Starter Kit.  It consists of one case of 20 cans of 8.4 oz Crossroads Wellness Beverage, tips for helping an addict to get through the rough times of withdrawal and a list of drug addiction counselors in the area that can help during the recovery process.  

If you would like to help a loved one get on the road to recovery simply get several friends and relatives together and purchase one of our Freedom Starter Kits. Show your loved one that you are supporting their effort to battle this life altering struggle.

The addiction has taken over their life and most addicts want to rid themselves of this terrible disease. Now you and your friends and family can demonstrate your love and support with this simple gift of Freedom.






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