March 13, 2018

And the Winner is:

Brock Felt - 27%
Dan Hewitt - 4%
Evander Holyfield - 13%
Forbes Riley - 38%
La Detra White - 10%
Daymond John (Shark Tank)  - 3%
Diamond & Silk (video bloggers) - 3%
Other 2%

There is nothing official about this straw poll.  We did it to see who you thought wold be a great match for Crossorads. We do not know who David Ashby has in mind for Crossroads' Eagle. Thank you for playing along.

Beacon Give-Away

The WINNERS for the Eagle Poll have been selected from a random drawing and can be seen here:

I have mailed the Beacons out to the WINNERS. Thank you all for participating.  It was all done in fun as we have no idea who our Eagle will be.  

Four will be given away - Key Fob & RadBeacon Dot ($16.50 Value) One to be Awarded - Wrist Band Accessory & Beacon ($29 Value)

We currently have about 6 beacons in stock.  These beacons come with the key fob attached.  Use this link to get a beacon at our cost Order today, mailed tomorrow.

The wristbands are only available in YELLOW right now. When I can get them in other colors I will post a link for those.

We also have the above RadBeacon Dots and accessories for sale at $16.50 & $29 plus shipping.
Email at for more information.

The above Beacons will be programmed with advertisements for Crossroads.  They will be programmed in such a way that we will know when sales are generated from each individual Beacon. But we are not going to let you just roam around carrying a Beacon with a Crossroads ad on it and not reward for each sale.  We are going to give you a 10% commission for any sales generated from your Beacon. That means a sale of $119 for a case of Crossroads will yield you a $12 commission. All you do is carry the Beacon on your keyring, keep it "on" and let the Beacon do its thing. And we will be adding more products to potentially increase sales and commissions. It's getting exciting around here. 

Share in Crossroad's Profits

From time to time we have members that want to sell all or part of their holdings.  Some sell because they want to make a quick profit while others may have some financial difficulties and are looking to liquidate their assests.  Whatever the reason it opens up an opportunity for someone else to increase their portfolio.  There are only 500 of these UNITS and no more will be made available. If you are a "Friend" or "Family" member you are welcome to purchase any of the available UNITS. If there are no UNITS listed on this page, please check back later.

498 Sold - 2 Left