Exclusive Limited Offer To Family and Friends

This is your chance to get a piece of what some say could very well be a multi-million dollar business.  After more than three years, Crossroads has launched to the public.  A public that is desperately in need of the functional capabilities that Crossroads is designed to provide. 

Drug addiction is growing at an unprecedented rate in our country and has affected every person in America in one way or another. Crossroads is composed of natural ingredients that help those addicted get through the painful symptoms of withdrawal.  Symptoms that include nausea, vomiting, cramps, headaches, diarrhea, stress and anxiety, to name a few.  Crossroads is a product that will hit the market at the right time. A product that could help save lives.  We have testimony on file of someone that has said that it has saved his life.

Now is your chance to help support this product and to earn from the profits of this life changing product.

Only 32 units remain. To allow as many of my family and friends to share in this opportunity, I am placing a strict limit of no more than 4 units to be purchased at a time.  

We have set a goal of selling 1,000,000 cans in our first year.  I believe that this goal is realistically attainable based on the results that we have seen from those that have used the product.  Real people have credited Crossroads as the catalyst that helped them kick their drug addiction. 

In 2018 our growth is projected to increase dramatically as we gain recognition from the media and strive to save lives.

Future growth of this product can be compared to Red Bull.  Red Bull was the first energy drink on the market and still controls 51% of all energy drinks sold today.

Those of us working behind the scenes are seeing the need for this product and the enthusiasm of everyone we are working with to get this product on the streets.  In our travels we have talked to people from New Jersey to Georgia, from Maryland to California, and we keep hearing how much this product is needed to help people that want to get clean make that a reality.

One of our executive staff has witnessed first hand how devastating this disease is. He has seen five young men ranging in age from 19 to 31 die in the past year. The most recent was on December 13th.  Young men that he knew since grade school some that even played with his boys in his house and backyard.  We are out to stop this epidemic.  Join us and feel the joy of turning someone's life around and saving a life.

Should our company ever go public with common stock, those that purchase a Unit now will be among the first to be given the opportunity to purchase the stock before the public.

Why not buy a Unit for your retirement or to give to each of your children?  Opportunities like this do not happen often in life. Purchase your's now!

We can be a multi-million or even a billion dollar business and you could share in the rewards that it will bring.

Each Unit is equivalant to 1/100th of 1% of the company.





For a larger equity share of the company call Wayne at 888-408-4479